I Graze your Shadow

2 560,00 €

Soul Sul II

2 560,00 €

Hot stone

800,00 €

Black and White soul II

800,00 €

Soul Sul III

800,00 €

Black and White soul I

800,00 €


"That's what I do that teaches me what I'm looking for" Pierre Soulages

Cécile Filipe’s works are expressions of emotions. Her painting combines abandonment, poetry and highly structures architectural composition. The result is an impression of strength and fragility. She works mainly with acrylic on canvas but also with inks and watercolors on paper.

"Painting is for me a necessity. It allows me to expel my emotions, it’s also a constant inner and aesthetic search for light, depth and balance."

Cecile Filipe trained as an interior designer in Paris and worked for twenty years as the head of a design office. Cécile now devotes herself exclusively to her art. She was born in Lisbon, Portugal and now lives in Paris, France.



Represented by NOONPOWELL Fine Art Gallery . Notting Hill . London .

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